[R] xtable "beta" testing wanted

Charles Roosen croosen at mango-solutions.com
Tue Feb 7 10:40:28 CET 2012

Dear R-users,

I've enhanced the "xtable" package, adding numerous features that have been requested by users.  The changes are listed below.

The objective throughout has been to avoid any breaking changes.  However, as "xtable" is widely used and is a dependency of many packages I'd like to have others try it out before I post it to CRAN.  Both bug reports and design feedback is welcomed.

In particular, I'd like to have package authors that have written "xtable" methods try it out.

If you are interested and willing, you can get the source from R-Forge via SVN:

  svn checkout svn://scm.r-forge.r-project.org/svnroot/xtable/

I can also send source and Windows binary versions to anyone that is interested.

Feedback can be sent to me or posted in the issue tracking system on R-Forge:


Note that the R-Forge build system is currently being updated, so the option of installing directly from R-Forge won't get the latest version of the package.

Charlie Roosen
xtable maintainer



  * Added some vectorization code to improve performance.
  * Let "caption" be length 2, in which case the second value is 
    the short caption used when creating a list of tables.
  * Added "toLatex" method.
  * Included "print.xtable" in the exported methods in the NAMESPACE file.
  * Added "print.results" argument to "print" that can be used to
    suppress the printing.
  * Added "format.args" argument to "print" that can be used to
    pass additional arguments such as "big.marks" to "formatC()".
  * Added "rotate.colnames" and "rotate.rownames" arguments to
  * Added "booktabs" argument to use the "\toprule", "\midrule", and  
    "\bottomrule" tags from the Latex "booktabs" package rather than
	using "\hline" for all horizontal lines.
  * Added "scalebox" argument to include a "\scalebox" clause around
    the tabular environment with the specified value used as the
    scaling factor.	
  * Changed the "print.xtable()" arguments to use "getOption()"
    to check the options for a default value.  This was suggested
	since "print.xtable()" has a lot of arguments that the user
	will typically leave unchanged between tables.
  * Added an "is.null()" check on the "table.placement" argument.
  * Added examples using the new arguments to the vignette.

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