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Felicity felicity-th at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 7 08:09:53 CET 2012

Honestly thank you for the prompt responding
and you are right I will tellyou what I want to do 
and not the way ..since I dont know much from R

I have a txt with Proteins

"Prot_10035"	"Func_0005874"	"Func_0016787"	"Func_0003774"	"Func_0006898"
"Func_0005856"	"Func_0005525"	"Func_0005737"	"Func_0003924"	"Func_0005515"
"Prot_10036"	"Func_0005739"	"Func_0003735"	"Func_0006412"	"Func_0005763"
"Prot_10037"	"Func_0005739"	"Func_0005515"																																																																																																																																													
"Prot_10039"	"Func_0005576"	"Func_0009615"	"Func_0050832"	"Func_0005615"
"Func_0006955"	"Func_0042742"	"Func_0031640"	"Func_0006935"																																																																																																																																							
"Prot_1004"	"Func_0046872"	"Func_0003887"	"Func_0003684"	"Func_0016740"
"Func_0006281"	"Func_0006260"	"Func_0016779"	"Func_0005634"																																																																																																																																							
"Prot_10040"	"Func_0005886"	"Func_0046488"	"Func_0016301"	"Func_0007409"
"Func_0005524"	"Func_0016740"	"Func_0016308"	"Func_0000166"	

which is 8527 lines and 145 columns (not all the proteins have the same
number of proteins)
What I want is to predict whether those proteins are related to cancer or
depending on whether they have some functions. I found that there are 3
functions very often related to cancer
and in case a protein has 2/3 or 3/3 to "label" it (somehow-maybe adding an
extra column) as cancer related
The names of the Proteins are always in the 1st column but the names of the
functions can be at any of the next columns  

So what I did is to use this loop, but I cant write properly the way I want
it to print the results so to use them again
(I need to know the name of the proteins having the functions in a column so
as next step to compare it with another file
-test data set- and conclude to true positive, false positive, true
negative, false negative

It cant be as hard as I see it :):) 

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