[R] Simulation confidence interval

Scott Raynaud scott.raynaud at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 16:45:57 CET 2012

The follwing is a code snippet from a power simulation 
program that I'm using:
  for(l in 1:betasize)
    if(beta[l]*cibeta>0)              powaprox[[l]]<-powaprox[[l]]+1
Estbeta recovers the fixed effects from a model fitted using lmer.
Beta is defined elsewhere and is a user specified input
that relates the data generated in the simulation to an oucome.  
So, it seems pretty clear that the third line from the bottom is
a clever test of whether the confidence interval traps 0.  My 
question is why use beta[l]*cibeta>0 rather than 
estbeta[l]*cibeta>0.  Is that because in the long run the model 
parameter etimates tend toward the betas specified by the user?  
In other words, what really matters is the standard errors, right?

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