[R] r-square for non-linear regression

John C Nash nashjc at uottawa.ca
Thu Apr 26 22:53:24 CEST 2012

As Bert Gunter points out, the statistic R-squared should not be given any grand meaning.
However, (also in the archives) I use it in my nonlinear least squares codes as a "sanity
check" -- and not more than that. Since it is computed as
   {1 - (residual SS)/(SS from mean)},
do you really want to use a model if it does little better than a model that is simply the
data mean?

I find it useful to run easy-to-compute sanity checks as a way to avoid putting foot in
mouth, especially now that computers create output so prodigiously.


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> Hi,
> I saw you discussed about the meaning of the R squared in a nls regression. Do you have a source or a quotation please?
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