[R] Use of optim to fit two curves at the same time ?

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at me.com
Thu Apr 26 21:30:09 CEST 2012

On Apr 26, 2012, at 12:49 PM, Greg Snow wrote:

> The phrase "does not work" is not very helpful, it can mean quit a few
> things including:
> * Your computer exploded.
> * No explosion, but smoke is pouring out the back and microsoft's
> "NoSmoke" utility is not compatible with your power supply.
> * The computer stopped working.
> * The computer sits around on the couch all day eating chips and
> watching talk shows.
> * The computer has started picketing your house shouting catchy
> slogans and demanding better working conditions and an increase in
> memory.
> * Everything went dark and you cannot check the cables on the back of
> the computer because the lights are off due to the power outage.
> * R crashed, but the other programs are still working.
> * R gave an error message and stopped processing your code after
> running for a while.
> * R gave an error message without running any of your code (and is
> waiting for your next command).
> * R is still running your code and the time has exceeded your patience
> so you think it has hung.
> * R completed and returned a result, but also gave warnings.
> * R completed your command, but gave an incorrect answer.
> * R completed your command but the answer is different from what you
> expect (but is correct according to the documentation)
> There are probably others.


Since Greg has kindly raised the fortunes package today, I propose that the above be captured as an R Classic.


Marc Schwartz

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