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CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week

New packages

* bigdata (0.1)
  Maintainer: Han Liu
  Author(s): Han Liu, Tuo Zhao
  License: GPL-2

  The big data package is a collection of scalable methods for
  large-scale data analysis.

* boss (1.0)
  Maintainer: Arend Voorman
  Author(s): Arend Voorman
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  BOSS uses parameter estimates obtained without genotype to boost
  standard one-step approximations, and precomputes as much as
  possible without genotype (using boss.set) to minimize effort

* Distance (0.6)
  Maintainer: David L Miller
  Author(s): David L. Miller
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  A library that provides a simple way of fitting detection functions to
  distance sampling data for both line and point transects. 
  Adjustment term selection, left and right truncation as well as
  monotonicity constraints and binning are supported. Abundance and
  density estimates can also be calculated if survey area information
  is provided.

* FinAsym (1.0)
  Maintainer: Paolo Zagaglia
  Author(s): Paolo Zagaglia
  License: GPL-3

  This package accomplishes two tasks: a) it classifies implicit trading
  activity from quotes in OTC markets using the algorithm of Lee and
  Ready (1991); b) based on information for trade initiation, the
  package computes the probability of informed trading of Easley and
  O'Hara (1987).

* gammSlice (1.2-5)
  Maintainer: Tung Pham
  Author(s): Tung Pham and Matt Wand
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  Uses a slice sampling-based Markov chain Monte Carlo to conduct
  Bayesian fitting and inference for generalized additive mixed models
  (GAMM).  Generalized linear mixed models and generalized additive
  models are also handled as special cases of GAMM.

* GenOrd (1.0.1)
  Maintainer: Alessandro Barbiero
  Author(s): Alessandro Barbiero, Pier Alda Ferrari
  License: GPL

  The package implements a procedure for generating samples from
  ordinal/discrete random variables with pre-specified correlation
  matrix and marginal distributions.

* Lambda4 (1.0)
  Maintainer: Unknown
  Author(s): Tyler Hunt
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  This code provides 4 different estimates of maximized lambda4 (A split
  half reliability estimate)

* leapp (1.0)
  Maintainer: Yunting Sun
  Author(s): Yunting Sun <yuntings at stanford.edu> , Nancy R.Zhang
             <nzhang at stanford.edu>, Art B.Owen <owen at stanford.edu>
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  These functions take a gene expression value matrix, a primary
  covariate vector, an additional known covariates matrix.  A two
  stage analysis is applied to counter the effects of latent variables
  on the rankings of hypotheses.  The estimation and adjustment of
  latent effects are proposed by Sun, Zhang and Owen (2011).  "leapp"
  is developed in the context of microarray experiments, but may be
  used as a general tool for high throughput data sets where
  dependence may be involved.

* lxb (1.1)
  Maintainer: Björn Winckler
  Author(s): Björn Winckler <bjorn.winckler at gmail.com>
  License: BSD

  Functions to quickly read LXB parameter data.

* markdown (0.3)
  Maintainer: JJ Allaire
  Author(s): JJ Allaire, Jeffrey Horner, Vicent Marti, and Natacha Porte
  License: GPL-3

  Markdown is a plain-text formatting syntax that can be converted to
  XHTML or other formats. This package provides R bindings to the
  Sundown markdown rendering library.

* phenology (3.28)
  Maintainer: Marc Girondot
  Author(s): Marc Girondot
  License: GPL-2

  Functions to fit and test the phenology of species based on counts.

* RAFM (1.0)
  Maintainer: Unknown
  Author(s): Markku Karhunen, Uni. Helsinki
  License: GPL-2

  Fits AFM by Metropolis-Hastings, calculates theta and FST out of AFM

* SCMA (0.0)
  Maintainer: Isis Bulte
  Author(s): Isis Bulte and Patrick Onghena
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  A package for probability combining (additive and multiplicative
  method) and for calculating some effect size measures on single-case
  data (SMD, PND and PEM).

* skewtools (0.1.0)
  Maintainer: Javier E. Contreras-Reyes
  Author(s): Javier E. Contreras-Reyes
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  This package include functions related to following topics: 1.
  Information Theory: Entropy and Mutual Informacion Index for
  Multivariate Skew-t and Skew-Normal distributions. 2. Estimation of
  Growth models parameters (Von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, Logistic and
  Richards) using the robust ECME method via Heteroscedastic Nonlinear
  Regression Growth model with scale mixture of Skew-Normal
  distributions (Normal, T-Student, Skew-Normal and Skew-t). Include
  Bootstrap and Jackknife methods to estimate the Variance-Covariance
  matrix and Local Influence

* svKomodo (0.9-55)
  Maintainer: Philippe Grosjean
  Author(s): Philippe Grosjean
  License: GPL-2

  Functions to manage the GUI client, like Komodo with the SciViews-K

* tempdisagg (0.12)
  Maintainer: Christoph Sax
  Author(s): Christoph Sax, Peter Steiner
  License: GPL-3

  Temporal disaggregation methods are used to disaggregate and
  interpolate a low frequency time series to a higher frequency
  series. This can be done without additional information or by
  exploiting the information contained in one or more indicators. All
  disaggregation methods ensure that either the sum, the average, the
  first or the last value of the resulting high frequency series is
  consistent with the low frequency series.

* TUWmodel (0.1-0)
  Maintainer: Alberto Viglione
  Author(s): Juraj Parajka, Alberto Viglione
  License: GPL (>= 2)

  The model is a lumped conceptual rainfall-runoff model, following the
  structure of the HBV model.  The model runs on a daily time step and
  consists of a snow routine, a soil moisture routine and a flow
  routing routine.  See Parajka, J., R. Merz, G. Bloeschl (2007)
  Uncertainty and multiple objective calibration in regional water
  balance modelling: case study in 320 Austrian catchments,
  Hydrological Processes, 21, 435-446.

Updated packages

abd (0.2-2), acepack (1.3-3.1), agricolae (1.1-1), analogue (0.8-2),
ape (3.0-2), apsrtable (0.8-8), aroma.apd (0.2.2), arulesViz (0.1-5),
BHH2 (2012.04-0), bootstrap (2012.04-0), changeLOS (2.1),
clusterGeneration (1.2.9), cmm (0.4), cocorresp (0.2-0), coda
(0.14-7), corpora (0.4-3), ctarma (0.1.2), cts (1.0-10), dbEmpLikeGOF
(1.2.2), deldir (0.0-17), denstrip (1.5.2), DEoptim (2.2-0), difR
(4.2), directlabels (2.5), diveMove (1.3.3), DoseFinding (0.6-2), epiR
(0.9-40), etm (0.5-4), evaluate (0.4.2), evaluate (, Fahrmeir
(2012.04-0), fdth (1.1-7), FNN (0.6-3), forecast (3.20), formatR
(0.4), fortunes (1.5-0), frailtypack (2.2-23), GDD (0.1-13.1), gldist
(2160.2), gooJSON (1.0.01), gsubfn (0.6-3), gWidgets (0.0-50),
gWidgetsRGtk2 (0.0-80), gWidgetstcltk (0.0-49), hapassoc (1.2-5),
iGenomicViewer (2.4.8), indicspecies (1.6.2), informR (1.0.04), isocir
(1.1), LaplacesDemon (12.04.02), lazyWeave (2.1.3), lmm (0.5), lordif
(0.2-2), meta (2.0-1), metaLik (0.3), mirt (0.2.1), mixOmics (4.0-1),
mixtools (0.4.5), MplusAutomation (0.5-1), msr (0.4), mvna (1.2-2),
nsRFA (0.7-3), oce (0.8-7), OpenRepGrid (0.1.6), optmatch (0.7-3),
PairedData (0.9.1), paleoTS (0.4-3), PearsonDS (0.93), permute
(0.7-0), pgfSweave (1.3.0), phangorn (1.6-0), phmm (0.7-4), pmml
(1.2.30), pomp (0.41-1), PowerTOST (0.9-8), QTLRel (0.2-11), R.cache
(0.6.2), race (0.1.59), raster (1.9-82), rfishbase (0.0-8), rgr
(1.1.5), RMAWGEN (1.2.4), RNCEP (1.0.4), RNiftyReg (0.6.2), rrBLUP
(3.6), RSurvey (0.7-0), RTAQ (0.2), RTextTools (1.3.7), sampSurf
(0.6-2), ScottKnott (1.1-3), seewave (1.6.2), sendplot (3.8.10),
SenSrivastava (2012-04-0), simba (0.3-4), spgwr (0.6-14), StatMatch
(1.0.5), svDialogs (0.9-50), svDialogs (0.9-52), tables (0.6), tau
(0.0-13), textir (1.8-4), TinnR (1.0-5), tis (1.19), tmle (1.2),
treemap (1.0-4), UsingR (0.1-18), vegdata (0.5.7), x12 (1.0-0), yaml
(2.1.4), YourCast (1.5-1), Zelig (3.5.5), zipfR (0.6-6)

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