[R] Print std. Error separately from mle-class object

Aziz, Muhammad Fayez aziz4 at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 5 02:43:08 CEST 2012

Thank you Jeff for your input. I did realize just after posting the question that the summary fn returns an object whose "slots" can be read and that the slot containing the coefficient information is a matrix. Here is how I got the desired results through the following code in "mypanel" function of xyplot:

	tmp <- power.law.fit(y, xmin=1) 
	coefMatrix <- slot(summary(tmp), "coef")
	print(coefMatrix["alpha", "Estimate"]) # alpha:
	print(coefMatrix["alpha", "Std. Error"]) # Std. Error
	print(slot(summary(tmp), "m2logL")) # -2 log L:

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Are you aware that the summary function normally returns a data value that you can extract values from and format to your hearts desire?
and read ?mle-class
(and try to provide a reproducible example next time)
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"Aziz, Muhammad Fayez" <aziz4 at illinois.edu> wrote:

>I am using power.law.fit to get an mle-class object in tmp and print
>summary(tmp), coef(tmp) and logLik(tmp). I wanted to print the std.
>error for alpha separately as I want to show these values concisely in
>a graph legend. coef(summary(tmp)) displays the alpha and std. error
>jointly, while I need to print them separately on two lines.
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