[R] Supporting R/Membership

Joshua Wiley jwiley.psych at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 17:43:11 CEST 2011

Dear R Users,

I know issues like this have come up in the past.  I am wondering how
many people would be interested in an online mechanism for donating to
the R Foundation or for becoming supporting members.  Right now, the
link for it is somewhat buried on the R home page, and once you get
there, the options are to mail or fax a form.  IIRC, Paypal was not a
good option due to some fees, but just making the form submittable
online would make things a lot easier.  Also credit cards expire and
then new numbers need to be sent.

I printed the form to mail off, but anecdotally I had planned on this
for well over a year and kept putting it off.  If this is something
that useRs and the R Foundation would be interested in, I would be
happy to help work on setting something up and maintaining it.



Joshua Wiley
Ph.D. Student, Health Psychology
Programmer Analyst II, ATS Statistical Consulting Group
University of California, Los Angeles

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