[R] 'save' saved object names instead of objects

Downey, Patrick PDowney at urban.org
Fri Sep 23 15:31:33 CEST 2011


I created an array to hold the results of a series of simulations I'm

d.eta <- array(0,dim=c(3,3,200))

<simulation goes here and populates the array but it's not important>

Then I tried to save the results using this:

save(d.eta,file="D:/Simulation Results/sim 9-23-11 deta")

When I later tried to reload them using this:

d.eta <- load(file="D:/Simulation Results/sim 9-23-11 deta")

I got the following:

> class(d.eta)
[1] "character"
> d.eta
[1] "d.eta"

Why didn't it load the original object that I tried to save (the array)? Is
the problem with how I'm saving or how I'm loading? Any explanation would
be greatly appreciated.

And to head off this question, I did check after the simulation, before
saving, and the d.eta object is an array of numbers.


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