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Wesley Roberts wroberts at csir.co.za
Thu Sep 22 14:53:39 CEST 2011

Many thanks Gabor,

That is exactly what I needed.


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On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 6:48 AM, Wesley Roberts <wroberts at csir.co.za> wrote:
> Dear R users,
> I am currently working in subsetting a zooreg() object using either window or subset. I have a solution but it may be a bit cumbersome when I start working with actual data. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.
> Example: I have a zooreg() object that starts in 1997 and ends in 2001. This object contains daily data for the 4 years
> aa<-zooreg(1:1825,start=as.Date("1997-01-01"))
> My aim is to subset the data according to seasons (Southern Hemisphere) for continuous years: December - January - February (DJF-Summer: 1997-2001), March - April - May (MAM-Autumn: 1997-2001), June - July - August (JJA-Winter: 1997-2001), September - October - November (SON-Spring: 1997-2001) thereby analysing the seasons data only for all years. The example below is only for DJF but I would like to replicate the analysis for each season.
> My solution so far uses subset to select the monthly data for each year and then rbind() the results.
> bb <- subset(aa, index(aa)>=as.Date("1998-12-01")&index(aa)<=as.Date("1999-02-28"))
> cc <- subset(aa, index(aa)>=as.Date("1999-12-01")&index(aa)<=as.Date("2000-02-28"))
> dd <- subset(aa, index(aa)>=as.Date("2000-12-01")&index(aa)<=as.Date("2001-02-28"))
> ee<- rbind(bb,cc,dd)
> The method above appears to do the job just fine except that I have around 30 locations (catchments) each with varying data availability and some with over 20 years worth of data. Ideally I would like to combine the second set of commands into a single command where I specify the start and end year and the months that I am interested in.

This gives the season (1 = djf, 2 = mam, 3 = jja, 5 = son):

seas <- as.numeric(format(as.yearqtr(as.yearmon(time(aa)) + 1/12), "%q"))

and this picks out djf:

aa[seas == 1]

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