[R] raster plot is empty

Alex Olssen alex.olssen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 23:45:26 CEST 2011

Dear R-help,

I have a problem plotting maps using the raster package when I use R
on my workplace server, but not when I use my own desktop.  I suspect
the server version must be missing something and was wondering if
anyone would have any ideas.

The problem occurs after

f <- system.file("external/test.grd", package="raster")
r <- raster(f)

On my desktop computer this works perfectly.  If I run this on my
workplace server then the axes labels are identical, the legend
numbers are identical, but the plot is empty and the legend has no
colors in it.  This persists even if I specify a color explicitly

plot(f, col="red")

for example.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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