[R] R Programming and Development - EMBL Heidelberg, 28-29 November 2011

Laurent Gatto laurent.gatto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 22:14:24 CEST 2011

Might be of interest to list subscribers:

EMBL Advanced Course
R Programming and Development
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Monday 28 November - Tuesday 29 November 2011

The course will focus on two aspects of R programming and development.
In the first part, we will introduce object-oriented programming using
R's S3 and S4 system and describe how to define classes, generic
functions and implement specific methods. We will also briefly present
the S4 Reference Classes. The second part will focus on R package
development, including documentation, debugging, code profiling and
unit testing. These topics will be illustrated using a small real-life
bioinformatical case study to produce, at the end of the course, a
fully fledged Bioconductor compliant R package.


The registration deadline is 22 September 2011 (perhaps can be
extended a few days if places are left).

Laurent Gatto
University of Cambridge

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