[R] question about glm vs. loglin()

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On 17-Sep-11 01:20:53, Rolf Turner wrote:
> On 17/09/11 01:19, Michael Friendly wrote:
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>> Trying to interpret associations in complex loglinear models
>> from  tables of parameter estimates is like trying to extract
>> sunlight from a cucumber.  You have to squeeze very hard, and
>> then are usually unhappy with the quality of the sunlight.
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That reminds me of a riddle once posed by Manfred Gordon (noted
for his contributions to stochastic theories of polymerisation):

    How do you unscramble a scrambled egg?

    Feed it to a hen.

Perhaps that could inspire a similar approach to the "sunlight
from cucumber" problem (passing over technological practicalities
such as anaerobic digestion, biogas, and methane-fuelled electricity

More generally, I think it suggests a possible approach to the
unscrambling of nicely cooked summary statistics handed to you
on a plate ...


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