[R] Problem looping a function to create/add to new dataframe

Mike Treglia mlt35 at tamu.edu
Thu Sep 15 19:50:57 CEST 2011

Dear List Members,

I have created a function to run a simulation based on a given set of 
values within a vector, such that I run the function like this:

new.data<-sapply(vector, function)

In which I run 'function' on every value within a vector that I created. 
The result is a matrix of 1000 rows, and as many columns as the length 
of the vector.

I modified the function to utilize two given values, such that it is: 
function(x,y), and I want to run this function for not only a range of 
values of 'x', but a range of values of 'y' as well, such that for each 
value of 'y', I'd create another 1000 rows in the matrix. I was trying 
to loop this, but in doing so, it looks like I just keep creating 
datasets and replacing them with datasets for subsequent 'y' values, 
rather than adding new rows. The structure of my current loop is below. 
Any suggestions on what to change to accomplish what I want? Would it be 
good to create a dataframe first and then somehow add these new rows to 
the dataframe? Also, is it appropriate to have the 'i' in the sapply 

for (i in c(seq(10,100,10))){
         new.data<-sapply(vector, function, i)

Please let me know if more detail on my code would be helpful- I was 
just trying to keep it simple and focus on what I saw as the problem at 
hand for now.
Thank you for your help.
Mike Treglia

Michael Treglia
Applied Biodiversity Sciences NSF-IGERT Program
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Texas A&M University
Lab: (979)862-7245
mlt35 at tamu.edu

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