[R] Move the main titel to the left of the plot

markm0705 markm0705 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 10:56:52 CEST 2011

Dear R helpers

I wish to move the main title, which appears on a dotplot to be right
aligned with the left axis.  Is there are parameter associated with dotplot
'main' that allows the title to be placed where I want it?

Code snippet relating to dotplot is below.

    dotplot(reorder(paste(Mine,Company), Resc_Gt) ~ Resc_Gt,
            fill_var = Commodity,
            pch_var = factor(Year),
		xlab_var = factor(Company),
            pch = c(21, 22, 23),
            col = "black",
            fill = col.pat,
            legend = list(inside = list(fun = mkey,corner = c(0.97, 0.06))),
		scales = list(x = list(log = 10)), 
		xscale.components = xscale.components.log10ticks,
            origin = 0,
            type = c("p","a"), 
            main = "Mineral resources",
            xlab= "Total tonnes (billions)",
            panel = function(x, y, ..., subscripts,
                             fill, pch, fill_var, pch_var) {
                pch <- pch[pch_var[subscripts]]
                fill <- fill[fill_var[subscripts]]
		    panel.ablineq(v=log(ave_dat[1,2]),col="grey60", lty=1, rotate=
TRUE,label="2002", at=0.40)
		    panel.ablineq(v=log(ave_dat[2,2]),col="grey60", lty=1, rotate=
TRUE,label="2009", at=0.50)
		    panel.ablineq(v=log(ave_dat[3,2]),col="grey60", lty=1, rotate=
TRUE,label="2010", at=0.60)
                panel.dotplot(x, y, pch = pch, fill = fill, ...)


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