[R] Reading R Code aloud

andrewH ahoerner at rprogress.org
Tue Sep 13 22:42:25 CEST 2011

I have been told by an experienced R programmer and teacher whom I trust
that it is easier to understand R code if you read it aloud, as the language
that it is.  However, she was clear that reading it aloud was not simply
reading the marks on the screen: you read A.df[5,] as "the fifth row of
A.df" (or "the fifth row of data frame A"), not as "A dot df left square
bracket five comma right square bracket," which is not helpful at all.  So
you have to be able to read it to read it aloud. I have observed this of
poetry as well, and that, if you hear a poem read well once, you have a
deeper understanding of it (and often other work by the same poet) forever
after, even when reading it silently.

So I was wondering if there are any significant example of people reading R
code out loud available on the web, on youtube or something? I did not find
any on ten minutes search, but perhaps I do not know how best to look. Does
anyone know of any?

Warmly, andrewH

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