[R] Selecting row indices from a data.frame by a factor and simple calculation (miniumum)

Mikkel Grum mi2kelgrum at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 19:18:46 CEST 2011

Code <- c(rep("NY14/3070", 3), rep("NY14/5459", 2))
Code <- as.factor(Code)
absdiff <- c(2, 4, 1, 5, 7)
df <- data.frame(Code, absdiff)
    paste(df$Code, df$absdiff) == 
        aggregate(df$absdiff, by = list(df$Code), min)$Group.1,
        aggregate(df$absdiff, by = list(df$Code), min)$x

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Subject: [R] Selecting row indices from a data.frame by a factor and simple calculation (miniumum)


I wish to extract the row indices from a data.frame in which a column contains numeric data by calculating the minimum value, but grouped on another column factor:

An example data.frame:

Code                absdiff
NY14/3070         2
NY14/3070         4
NY14/3070         1
NY14/5459         5
NY14/5459         7

So in this case the factor is Code and the numeric vector is absdiff

The query would return row indices 3 and 4 which have the minimum values for the factor.
I am sure it would involve some combination of which and tapply but cannot figure it out?

Many thanks, Barry

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