[R] help with glmm.admb

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 05:04:37 CEST 2011

eeadie <eeadie <at> unm.edu> writes:

> Now I have a new problem with the same model that I've been working on. Here
> is the model and the error message:
> >
> Error in parse(text = x) : <text>:1:41: unexpected ')'
> 1: total_bites_rounded ~ age_class_back ++ )

  Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I lost track of this thread.
  I think glmmADMB is getting confused by trying to evaluate
the offset term on the fly.  Try instead:

  data$logforage <- log(data$forage_time)


> It seems like this message is trying to tell me that I have an extra )
> somewhere, but I don't think this is true because the exact same model works
> fine with lmer. Is there something special about glmmadmb syntax that is
> giving me problems?

  Eventually I will try to fix this (and at the very least put some
more warnings in the documentation) but in the meantime I hope
this workaround helps.

  If it fails, would you be willing to send me your data to
have a look?

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