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(Ted Harding) ted.harding at wlandres.net
Sat Sep 10 12:57:16 CEST 2011

On 10-Sep-11 10:19:54, soeren.vogel at uzh.ch wrote:
> Hello, (how) can I download/re-retrieve/order previous R-** digest
> volumes/issues to my mailbox for local browsing? Thank you, Sören

Taking as example the R-help digest:


for each month listed, you will see at the right-hand end
of the lin a link to a g-zipped archive of the postings for
that month.

For example, for the current omonth September 2011 you will

Downloadable version
September 2011:  [ Gzip'd Text 381 KB ]

Click on the "Gzip'd Text 381 KB" and you can then download
a file 2011-September.txt.gz

You then need to unzip this (on Unix-likes, use 'gunzip';
I don't know what to do on Windows systems). Then you will
have a text file 2011-September.txt which will consist of
all the postings.

These are in standard Unix MBOX format, i.e. each new message
is begun with a line like

>From rshepard at appl-ecosys.com  Thu Sep  1 01:55:22 2011

immediately following a blank line (except for the first
message in the file, where this line would be the first
line in the file, with no preceding blank). See:


Then, if you want to store these in a mailbox, you need to
find out how to import Unix MBOX. For Unix-likes, again,
this is no problem. You need a mail folder which is in
MBOX format, and then simply either copy this file into
it (if it is a new folder), or append the file to it
(provided you first make sure that there is a blank line
at the end of what is already there, as there should be).

I believe Windows has provision for importing MBOX files.

Hoping this helps,

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