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francogrex francogrex at mail.com
Thu Sep 8 15:08:19 CEST 2011

Hi, anyone has experience with 3D plot (ex: in package RGL) I have a
question, I draw a 3D plot of country, year and sales in z axis but when the
type is "h" then it's ok but when I want to link the points and type is 'l'
lines it's a mess Is there a way to link the points only in one direction?
For example a unique line from each country through each year?

The code example is below

data=read.csv("c:/datout.csv", header=T)

plot3d(Year, dat, Sales, type="h", axes=F, lwd=5, 
xlab="Year", ylab="Country", zlab="Sales", col=Colors, 
main="Typherix: Country/Year/Sales") ##replacing type="l" makes a
connections all around, I want only one per country
axis3d("x", nticks=10, cex=0.7)
axis3d("z", nticks=5, cex=0.7, las=2)
axis3d("y", labels=Country, las=2, nticks=20, cex=0.5)

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