[R] Add elements to a global list

Khanvilkar, Shashank skhanvil at qualcomm.com
Tue Sep 6 22:47:09 CEST 2011

Hello All, 
Thanks in advance for all help. 

In my prog, I have a global list object that is used as a container for storing some data frames.
Here is an example code.
temp1 <- function(X){
    statName = c("Mean", "stdDev", "NumSamples")
    statVal = c("0.5", "0.51", "5")

    r = data.frame(statName=statName, statVal = statVal)
    X[["temp1"]] = r

reportList = list()

I was expecting that the new data frame in temp1 would get added to the list (reportList), but it doesn't, probably because, arguments to functions are passed "Call-by-value" and loose all locally made changes.

Any ideas how I can do this.


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