[R] Using functions written in Fortran in R

John Sorkin JSorkin at grecc.umaryland.edu
Thu Oct 27 06:24:56 CEST 2011

Windows XP
R 2.12

I am trying to understand how I can take a subroutine (i.e. function) I have written in Fortran, and call the function in R.  I need to know (1) where I should store the Fortran subroutine (2) how to prepare the function for use in R, and (3) how to load and call the function. 

There's a large literature that describes how to construct packages (including S Programming by Venables and Ripley, which I have referenced), but everything I have seen appears overly complex and generally geared to R running under Linux where as I run R under Windows XP. 

I want to put R functions and Fortran routines in a library so they can be easily accessed. If, for example, I write a subroutine in Fortran called sqrtvector (n, vector), I want to compile it (to a .dll ?) and then put it in a library so subsequently I can code y <= sqrtvector(nn, x) in my R programs.


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