[R] order a data frame after date and hour

anglor angelica.ekenstam at dpes.gu.se
Fri Jul 29 09:27:19 CEST 2011

 Thanks for a patient reply...

I feel really stupid about this other problem dput(). What I didn't
understand is how I can make the same thing with my data. You use rnorm and
rpois which generates random poisson ditribution and normal distribution
purhaps just to create a data.frame? Should I just take some of my rows from
my dataframe?

I took five rows rows:

df <- skogTemp_1[5000:5004,]   
(and before the end I for some reason got thousands of numbers I cant relate
 class = "factor")), .Names = c("DateHour", 
"TcuvInt.A", "TcuvInt.B", "TcuvInt.C"), reshapeWide = structure(list(
    v.names = NULL, timevar = "TreeID", idvar = "DateHour", times =
structure(2:4, .Label = c("", 
    "A", "B", "C"), class = "factor"), varying = structure(c("TcuvInt.A", 
    "TcuvInt.B", "TcuvInt.C"), .Dim = c(1L, 3L))), .Names = c("v.names", 
"timevar", "idvar", "times", "varying")), row.names = 5035:5039, class =

df <- data.frame(x = 1:4, y = rnorm(4), z = rpois(4, 3))  - how can I use
this on my dataframe?


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