[R] bug in dev.copy2pdf output?

Rolf Turner rolf.turner at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jul 29 00:22:49 CEST 2011

On 29/07/11 09:51, selwyn quan wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jul 2011, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
>> On 11-07-28 1:22 PM, selwyn quan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Am using R 2.13.1 on Linux (Fedora). Is anybody else having problems 
>>> with
>>> dev.copy2pdf xyplot output with the pch=1 (open circle) symbol? The
>>> symbols come out as "q" in the PDF.  dev.copy2eps produces the correct
>>> results as does cairo_pdf. Other symbols produced with dev.copy2pdf 
>>> seem
>>> ok.
>> There have been reports like this before that turned out to be 
>> problems in the viewer, which made inappropriate font substitutions.  
>> How did you determine that the circles came out as q?
>> Duncan Murdoch
> You are right. Think it is a bug in Fedora's evince. Acrobat reader 
> renders the PDF fine.

FWIW, evince on my Ubuntu system renders the points correctly as open 


         Rolf Turner

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