[R] error in optimization when I include constant term in Klein and Spady (np package)

Dimitris.Kapetanakis dimitrios.kapetanakis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 15:17:26 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I am trying to use the np package for the estimation of a model with Klein
and Spady's semiparametric estimator. When though, I include a constant term
( a column with 1s in X) then the following message appear: 

Multistart 1 of 3...Error in optim(c(beta, h), fn = optim.fn, gr = NULL,
method = optim.method,  : 
  non-finite value supplied by optim

So, how can I include a constant term in Klein and Spady's estimator or how
can I solve the problem with the optimzation? (I already tried all the
possible optimization methods)

The code that I run is:

X<-matrix(c(rnorm(N,0,1), rnorm(N,1,1)), ncol=q)
L<-rlogis(N,location=0, scale=1)
Y <-as.vector(X%*%BETA+L>=0)*1
KS  <- npindexbw(xdat=X, ydat=Y, bandwidth.compute=TRUE,
method="kleinspady", optim.maxit=10^3, ckertype="epanechnikov", ckerorder=2)

Thank you


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