[R] barplot colors

James Fearon jfearon at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 25 01:50:11 CEST 2011


In barplot(height, col = ...), the col = vector recycles so that the 
same colors are used for each bar.  I would like to use different colors 
in different bars (corresponding to another piece of information, here, 
the region of the country being represented).

For example,

x = matrix(c(5,2,3,1),nrow=2)

will draw two bars with two segments each, but each colored red and 
black rather than red and black for the first bar, then green and blue 
for the second.

I see in the archives that someone asked this question before, and got a 
single reply (as far as I could tell) suggesting that s/he forget 
barplot and use rect().  That's kind of a pain, so I'm wondering if 
there is any simpler way of tricking barplot() into doing this.


Jim Fearon

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