[R] applying a loop to multiple dataframes

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Sun Jul 24 16:26:25 CEST 2011

On 22.07.2011 22:42, Sean Bignami wrote:
> Hello again R-folks,
> I'm trying to apply a loop to multiple data frames and then organize the data in a manageable form. I have the code for my loop figured out (thanks to help from this list)...it runs up to 2000 iterations of a "while" loop until it finds a 40-row "d2p" column sum>5
> n<-nrow(dsub.f1)
> test<-0
> for(k in 1:2001){
> 	if(k>2000){
> 	break}  #stops after 2000 iterations
> 	else{
> 	while(test<5){  #continues unti sum>5, or 2000 iter.
> 	i<-sample(1:n-40,1)
> 	x<-dsub.f1[seq(from=i, to=i+40),]
> 	test<-sum(x[,"d2p"],na.rm=TRUE)}
> 	}
> 	}

I don't see much sense in the code above. Which of the objects are you 
interested in?

> My data frames are all named dsub.f1 through dsub.f360 (and are subsets of a laster data frame "d") which I created using this code:
> for(i in 1:360){
> assign(paste("dsub.f",d[d$fish==i,1],sep=""),subset(d[d$fish==i,]))}

I find it easier to put such things in a list as in:

dsub.f <- split(d, d$fish)

> I created a list of all my data frames using:
> df.filter<-function(x) inherits(get(x),'data.frame')
> 		 #pulls all dataframes
> dfs<-Filter(df.filter,ls());str(dfs)
> dsubs<-dfs[3:360];head(dsubs)
> 		#removes "d" and "data.csv" dataframes that I don't want

This is not required since those data.frames are collected in one list 
(see above).

> But I can't figure out how to write a "for" loop that will apply the (top) code above to each data frame.

Just write the code in a function athat assumes a data.frame as an 
argument and then sapply() it on your list of data.frames.

Best wishes,
Uwe Ligges

> Also, once I'm able to apply the loop to each data frame, I would like to organize the data in a manageable form so I can reference it in other analyses.
> I hope I explained what I'm trying to do well enough. Thanks!!!
> sean
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