[R] Lattice: distance of Y-axis label from plot

marcel marcelcurlin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 16:33:19 CEST 2011

Basic question: I looked around quite a bit, still having a little trouble
manipulating the distance between the Y-axis label and the plot. In this
case, I would like to move the Y axis title closer to the plot. 

# Data
tC <- textConnection("
Time Type1 Type2 Type3
1.3 .50 .10 .40
4.5 .45 .20 .35
5.2 .40 .30 .30

data1 <- read.table(header=TRUE, tC)
data2 <- data.frame(Time=rep(data1$Time, 3), stack(data1[,2:4]))

#PLOT 1 lattice bar plot
plot1<-xyplot(values ~ Time, ylab=list(label="Move this title closer to
plot", fontsize=9), scales=list(y=list(relation="free", rot=0, cex=0.7), x =
list(draw = FALSE)), group=ind, data=data2, stack=TRUE, horizontal=FALSE,
panel=panel.barchart, box.width=0.1, axes=FALSE, ylim=c(0.03,0.98),
xlim=c(-0.2, 6.25), main="", xlab="")

#position X1,Y1, X2,Y2
print(plot1, position=c(-0.018,0.221,0.741,0.466))

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