[R] [R-pkgs] new versions of packages RWinEdt, signal, tuneR

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Wed Jul 20 18:10:39 CEST 2011

A series of package updates is on CRAN (or in the process to get there).

Already available from CRAN are:

- signal: Since I took over maintainership years ago, I have not 
invested the required amount of time into this package - until this 
spring and now the package got a NAMESPACE and dozens of bugfixes, 
documentation improvements and hundreds of test cases - many thanks to 
Sarah Schnackenberg for most of the work!

- tuneR: After tuneR got mp3 read support last year, we managed to 
include support for mel/bark/hertz scales and conversion, powerspectra, 
as well as full support of LPC and MFCC coefficients (and some other 
stuff). Note that the former code that was documented as "experimental" 
for MFCC calculations has been replaced and the API changed. Many thanks 
to Sebastian Krey for the contributions!

On its way to CRAN is:

- RWinEdt: RWinEdt 1.8-3 is a minor change that fixes minor issues when 
working under Windows 7. This version is compatible with WinEdt versions 
5.2-5.5 but it is still not compatible with WinEdt 6!
Important to remember is:
+ Please run it with R >= 2.13.0 patched (!) under Windows 7 (there is a 
small bug in R <= 2.13.0 causing RWinEdt to be unable to start WinEdt 
from R)
+ After installation of RWinEdt run R once with admin privileges (by 
right click) and say library("RWinEdt"). After that, you can start R 
with regular permissions.

We are working on a version for WinEdt 6 now. For users who cannot wait 
to use WinEdt 6 with R: There is a "R-Sweave" mode available from 
http://www.winedt.org/ (untested so far).

Uwe Ligges

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