[R] multiple plots in single frame: 2 upper, 1 lower

Rolf Turner rolf.turner at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 13:38:31 CEST 2011

On 20/07/11 11:07, DrCJones wrote:
> Hi,
> par(mfrow = c(2,2))
> will create a 2x2 window that I can use to plot 4 diferent figures in:
> [plot1 plot2]
> [plot3 plot4]
> But how can do 3 so that the bottom spans the width of the upper two:
> [plot1 plot1]
> [p   l  o  t 3]
> Is this possible in R?

In R ***anything*** is possible. :-)

Your requirement is no only possible, but easy!

See ?layout

You may have to expend a bit of effort to understand the syntax, but
that will be good for your karma. :-)  It ***will*** do exactly what you
want, if you ask it nicely.


         Rolf Turner

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