[R] loops and simulation

Daniel Malter daniel at umd.edu
Wed Jul 20 07:34:31 CEST 2011

Yes, there are in Europe. And there are summer classes in the US, as well.
And no, this list is not so much about helping beginners to learn R. For
that, there is a myriad of online sources. Rather, this list is for people
who have exhausted their ability to (elegantly) solve a problem.

Also, it so happens that students post their homework and that people on
this list are adamant not to contribute to academic dishonesty. Typically
these posts ask very basic questions and read like desperate, last-minute
outcries for help. And your post was similar enough to one of these
requests, except that you were referring to SAS and had heard that R "does
not like loops." (This is factually wrong. But R can be slow looping). 

Your post looked like homework because your code uses while loops and
indexing, which would imply that you know how to use them had you written
the code you posted. This knowledge would be sufficient to do what you
asked. In particular, indexing is very basic functionality to any language,
be it R, SAS, or any other. Indexing is dealt with starting page 10 of the
introductory R manual: http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-intro.pdf.
Loops are dealt with starting page 40 of the same manual. I suggest you take
a look.

Inspector Daniel

Majdi wrote:
> Dear daniel
> with all my respect to you, you are wrong
>  I am done with home work long long time ago....by the way are there
> school in JULY??? 
> I used to work with SAS, this summer I decided to learn R, I read
> everything and try to learn
> I believe this is what this list about .... to help beginners to learn R,
> and not to be chalanged by some one smart as your self Detective Malter
> part of the code ( the EM algorith part) was posted to solve a problem for
> *Normal distribution*   I study it learn it and then apply it to my Pareto
> distribution, I guess there is no problem with this again this is what
> this site is about
> thank you for your help

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