[R] Testers wanted for program that works with R

Roy Mendelssohn Roy.Mendelssohn at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 18 23:28:49 CEST 2011

Hi All:

Along with Applied Sciences Associates we have been working on a GUI add-on for R that allows easy access to literally pterabytes of remote oceanographic and meteorological data that can be subsetted in time and space, and then will be brought directly into R using web services.  The program is still under development but we are looking for a few testers to give us feedback on functionality, design and any bugs found or other suggestions as we work to finalize it.

Right now it only runs on Windows, but Mac and linux versions will be available shortly.   While anyone willing to test would be appreciate, we are most interested in people who work in an situation where access to these types of environmental data would be useful, so that we can get real feedback on the design and value of the tool.

Since from time to time spam makes it way onto the list, I want to emphasize that this is a free, java based program that will be made publicly available when we feel it is ready for release, and is part of ongoing NOAA programs to improve public access to government data.


-Roy M.

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