[R] histograms - function hist() - problems in R 2.13.1

Paulo Barata pbarata at infolink.com.br
Sun Jul 17 18:30:01 CEST 2011

Dear R-list members,

I would like to report some problems, in R 2.13.1, with the function
hist(), which constructs histograms.

Sample code:

x <- rnorm(1000)
hist(x, breaks=16)

In R 2.13.1, in the histogram so produced, the bottom of the bars
are not exactly aligned in a perfect horizontal, there is an up-and-down
pattern among the bottom lines of the bars. Also, the vertical sides of
the bars do not align properly, so there is some superposition of
the bars, they are not always located exactly side to side. It seems
that some bars (each one a rectangle by itself) are somehow displaced
from their ideal positions.

This problem happens in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions
of R 2.13.1. Histograms produced through R 2.13.0 are perfectly
constructed, without any problems. I can provide a pdf file
on request, which shows a histogram graph with the problems.

I use R.2.13.1 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) on Windows 7 Professional


Paulo Barata

Paulo Barata
Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz - Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Rua Leopoldo Bulhoes 1480 - 8A
21041-210  Rio de Janeiro - RJ

E-mail: pbarata at infolink.com.br
Alternative e-mail: paulo.barata at ensp.fiocruz.br

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