[R] question on formula and terms.formula()

Pang Du pangdu at vt.edu
Thu Jul 14 17:35:39 CEST 2011

Thank you so much for your suggestion, Bill.

The R program I try to modify needs match.call() for something else. But the
problem does seem to be caused by this statement as you suggested. Following
this clue, I find out that 


does essentially what I want for "terms.formula(mf$formula)".

Pang Du
Virginia Tech

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Does your code work if you omit the match.call step?  terms()
generally doesn't need that.  Also, do not call terms.formula(formula):
call just terms(formula).  The terms method appropriate to the class
of the formula will be used.

  > f1 <- function(formula, ...) {
  +     terms(formula, ...)
  + }
  > form <- as.formula("y ~ x1 + Error(x2)")
  > f1(form, specials="Error")
  y ~ x1 + Error(x2)
  list(y, x1, Error(x2))
            x1 Error(x2)
  y          0         0
  x1         1         0
  Error(x2)  0         1
  [1] "x1"        "Error(x2)"
  [1] 3
  [1] 1 1
  [1] 1
  [1] 1
  <environment: R_GlobalEnv>

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Subject: [R] question on formula and terms.formula()

I'm trying to create a formula object to pass on to a function that
applies the function terms.formula() to it.

f <- function(formula, ...)
mf <- match.call()
term <- terms.formula(mf$formula)

However, my code below gives an error.

form <- as.formula("y~x")
f(form, ...)

The error message was:
Error in terms.formula(mf$formula): argument is not a valid model.

Could anybody help me figure out the problem and find a solution here?

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