[R] FW: lasso regression

Patrick Breheny patrick.breheny at uky.edu
Tue Jul 12 18:12:52 CEST 2011

On 07/12/2011 09:53 AM, Heiman, Thomas J. wrote:
> #    # define x and y
> x= x<-crs[,9]    #predictor variables
> y= y<-crs[1:8,]  #response variable

This cannot be correct.  The response variable is a vector, while the 
predictor variables form a matrix.  You have the response variable 
consisting of only the first 8 observations, then all the columns. 
Perhaps you mean:

X <- crs[,1:8]
y <- crs[,9]

If this is not the case, please include the output of


and then tell us which variable is your response.

Patrick Breheny
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Department of Biostatistics
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