[R] plot means ?

Sam Steingold sds at gnu.org
Tue Jul 12 16:03:30 CEST 2011

> * David Winsemius <qjvafrzvhf at pbzpnfg.arg> [2011-07-11 18:16:25 -0400]:
> What is the point of offering this code?

To illustrate what I was talking about (code is its own specification).
I hoped that there was already a package doing that (and more in that direction).

> It seems to be doing what you want

> Are you trying to use someone else's code

no, I wrote it myself.
I hoped someone would comment on it to help me improve it.
I actually now use findInterval which you suggested.

> (who by the way appears to have been a former SAS programmer

The last time I used SAS was more than 10 years ago.
I am a Lisper (I also know C/C++/Perl &c).

> the totally unnecessary semi-colons)

then why are they accepted?
optional syntax elements suck...

thanks for your help.

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