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David Smith david at revolutionanalytics.com
Mon Jul 11 23:53:43 CEST 2011

I write about R every weekday at the Revolutions blog:
and every month I post a summary of articles from the previous month
of particular interest to readers of r-help.

In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
month of June:

Highlights of presentations from the R/Finance 2011 conference:

Trulia uses R and statistical models to map local crime: http://bit.ly/quQVbJ

Resources for data mining with R: http://bit.ly/pVNP6W

K-means clustering on large data sets with the RevoScaleR package:

Revolution Analytics' CTO David Champagne writes on real-time
analytics for capital markets with R: http://bit.ly/psl3b6

We profile UCLA's Jeroen Ooms, creator of several interactive
web-based applications based on R: http://bit.ly/mPlyLW

How to create maps of geographic networks by drawing great circles in
R: http://bit.ly/nP7nXh

According to CIO Magazine, Data Scientist is among the 6 hottest jobs
in IT - and R is a key skill to have: http://bit.ly/qlWRyn

A replay and slides are available for download for our webinar, "The
Big Analytics Revolution starts with R": http://bit.ly/nFbCeO

There are now more than 5000 questions on R at stackoverflow.com:

Cluster analysis on baseball data shows where the Seattle Mariners
right-fielder Ichiro tends to hit: http://bit.ly/mVOhP0

Revolution Analytics' engineer Sherry LaMonica shows how to do
principal components analysis on big data sets with the RevoScaleR
package: http://bit.ly/ovlKAo

R resources for biostatisticians at the Bioinformatics Knowledgeblog:

R is amongst the five things that all biologists should know about
Statistics, according to the Head of Nucleotide Data at the European
Bioinformatics Institute: http://bit.ly/qNCLXy

Video recordings of two R-related talks from Hadley Wickham (on
interactive graphics, and on engineering data analysis) are available
for viewing online: http://bit.ly/neExPe

How to speed up R "for" loops by recoding the body in C++ with help
from the Rcpp package: http://bit.ly/qGcopC

A review of the June edition of the R Journal: http://bit.ly/os5KAe

Revolution Analytics demonstrated integrating R with the IBM Netezza
data warehouse appliance at the EnZee Universe conference:

The blog Heuristically Andrew ran some benchmarks of Revolution R for
data mining applications: http://bit.ly/pepJ65

A brief overview of the changes in R 2.13.1: http://bit.ly/nhTxac

Other non-R-related stories in the past month included: the impact of
big analytics on business (http://bit.ly/pYHjsj ); a defense of data
mining ethics (http://bit.ly/oKXffN ); a new analyst report on Big
Data (http://bit.ly/ojkea7 );  WW2 data visualizations from the
Churchill War Rooms (http://bit.ly/ofMl4G ); the Data Without Borders
project (http://bit.ly/nk7Mwv ); and a data modeling competition from
Wikipedia (http://bit.ly/mPKQF5 ).

On a lighter note, we also had posts on: the Lord of the Rings story
in map form (http://bit.ly/neKWWg ); and Radiohead music videos
(http://bit.ly/mUSy2e ).

There is a new R user group (http://bit.ly/eC5YQe ) in Buenos Aires,
Argentina (http://bit.ly/mXZFrV). Meeting times for these groups can
be found on the updated R Community Calendar at: http://bit.ly/bb3naW

If you're looking for more articles about R, you can find summaries
from previous months at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/roundups/.
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