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Mon Jul 11 22:03:44 CEST 2011


You've got several things going on here.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 3:39 PM, fre <fre_stamlid at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a (small) issue. I already googled a lot, so I decided to use ifelse
> instead of if (){} else{}
> All the elements seem to work seperately, but combined in the ifelse
> statement, it doesn't seem to work.
> #The price function is a function which is normally distributed with only
> positive answers
> price<-function() {abs(rnorm(1,10,25))}
> #Before I use pieceprice in the ifelse, I need it to be defined
> pieceprice<-cbind()

This isn't true. You aren't passing pieceprice to your function, so
you don't need to define it first.

So you are creating an empty object pieceprice here.

> #Now I define a function with an ifelse statement. So if the binomial
> deviation returns one, I add a 'new' price() to the pieceprice vector else I
> repeat the last element of the pieceprice vector and add it to pieceprice.
> pricechange<-function()
> {ifelse(rbinom(1,1,2/3)==1,
> pieceprice<-cbind(pieceprice,price()),
> pieceprice<-cbind(pieceprice,pieceprice[1,length(pieceprice)]))}
> #But now if I try this (Even with rbinom(1,1,1), pieceprice remains NULL
> pricechange()
> pieceprice

Now you're doing some stuff in your function, and returning a value.

>> pricechange()
> [1] 79.20426

But you're not assigning your value to anything, so it's being printed
in the screen. Assigning it *within the function* by design and
default does not change anything in the outer environment.

>> pieceprice

You didn't change pieceprice, so it hasn't changed.

pieceprice <- pricechange()

will run the function and assign its output to the object pieceprice,
which doesn't have to already exist.

> I hope someone has a clue what's wrong.
> Thanks a lot for your help!

Leaving aside the utility of functions that only ever return one
possible value, you would probably benefit from reading some
introductory material on writing functions.


Sarah Goslee

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