[R] OpenOffice ods spreadsheets in R?

Martin Rittner kmr at thegeologician.net
Sun Jul 10 02:49:34 CEST 2011

I would like to open OpenOffice (LibreOffice) .ods files in R. I've 
tried the ROpenOffice package from omegahat, but unfortunately, the 
read.ods() function attempts to use the values of the first column in a 
worksheet as row names, and thus does not allow duplicates in there 
(which, even more unfortunately, occur in my files). Also, the function 
does not allow to forward any other parameters to the called functions, 
like e.g. row.names=FALSE.
Another option read.ods() does not offer is choice of the worksheet(s) 
to open, but that's a minor issue for me.

Now, I could alter the files to fit the function. I could alter the 
function itself. But before I do any of that, I wanted to ask if someone 
has a better idea, another approach to ods-files altogether, maybe?

Thanks, Martin

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