[R] Basic vector logic not working

Pete Brecknock Peter.Brecknock at bp.com
Sat Jul 9 21:08:24 CEST 2011

DimmestLemming wrote:
> I am interning in a computer science lab and I'm very new to R. The
> language basics are clear, but this particular problem isn't:
> I have a very large dataframe called "data" which holds data from Halo
> matches. I'm trying to analyze a certain window such that data$deaths>20
> and data$deaths<=27.
> When I enter the line
> kills = data$kills[data$deaths>20]
> or any single condition, it selects the region I want. However, when I
> input
> kills = data$kills[data$deaths>20 && data$deaths<=27]
> "kills" becomes the entire vector data$kills, without selecting any
> specific region.
> This is a simple problem, but I can't find anything wrong. How could I fix
> it?

Maybe something like ...

# example data
d = data.frame(age=1:20, names=letters[1:20])

# 1. subset using [
d[d$age>10 & d$age<16,]

# 2. subset using subset function
subset(d,d$age>10 & d$age<16)



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