[R] ASCII values to Decimal

Matthew Maycock M.Maycock at tt.com.pl
Fri Jul 8 16:49:12 CEST 2011

You can do:

 as.numeric(charToRaw(paste(df[,4], collapse="")))

If you somehow want each row to be its own sequence of integers, you
could do something like:

 lapply(df[,4], function(c) as.numeric(charToRaw(c)));

~Matthew Maycock

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Dear all,

I have a file and I am using a code-

df=read.table("Case2.pileup",fill=T,sep="\t",colClasses = "character")

to create a data frame that is df.
now in 4th column I have ASCII values which I want to convert in decimal
values.the data frame is like this-

V1  V2               V3              V4
  9  2                 .,              a\
  9  2                .$,              a`
 13  1                  ,               a
 13  1                  ,               a
 13  1                  ,               a
 13  1                  ,               a
 13  1                  ,               `
 13  1                  ,               ^
 13  1                  ,               a
 13  1                 ,$               a

I am using this code to convert it-

it is showing this error-

Warning message:
In charToRaw(df[, 4]) : argument should be a character vector of length
all but the first element will be ignored

and it is converting only the value in first row.How can I do this for
all rows in my data frame.

Please help me.I am new user for R.I will be very thankful to you.

Thanking you,
Warm Regards
Vikas Bansal
Msc Bioinformatics
Kings College London
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