[R] kripp.alph error message

sderose sderose at acm.org
Thu Jul 7 20:54:25 CEST 2011

Hi! I fairly new to R, have only done pretty basic things so far, so this may
be a very basic question..... But I did search the forums and didn't see a

I'm trying to get going with kripp.alpha(). I'm loading data from a file,
like this:

> library(irr)
Loading required package: lpSolve
> x <- read.table("foo", comment.char="#", header=TRUE, sep=",", quote="\"")
> x
                            HITId Resp1 Resp2 Resp3
1  22QI9NZW6HEZ1HYZ5BYTC69GDR5NXQ              none
2  24SB6BFMFFOYTBDW8Y6DKESCJWZXKU  lead        lead
3  26OAUC26DG678UHYAF6K4COKLOH5CG  none  none  none
4  28RZJMJUNU8LUZB2FVWRD8D828Y0G0  tick  tick  both
5  29DGULF395SW1G0WU7UN2NJBHK4QCE  none  none  none
6  2F6CCF0CP5KXKM2IXXOYK4PMQS1VWM  both  none  none
8  2J9CJK63ZVE3CKKF9X1QDJL5A8IY98  lead  lead  lead
9  2NVG67D1X3V0ADK73ZTJI1M78PNIBW  none  none  lead
10 2QNSW6NG1FS3IR7EQD61JZSZ47ZXJV  none  none  none
11 2RVZXR24SMEZUV6DZ1E9Y8P9H8B0HZ  lead  lead  lead
12 2UK1O3W5XH0JKICDHZPETLSPQANIC3        none  none
13 2UKAC9KSSZVXSVAZK9LKUOYG6NZ2KP  lead  lead  none
14 2W80ONNVRH1KCHT9V627ANV94PZNWX  none  none  none
15 2Z3KH1Q6SVQ8C1SH59XL9OBVVN42LS  none  none  none

So that seems fine; but then:

> res <- kripp.alpha(x, method = "nominal")
Error in sort.list(y) : 
  'x' must be atomic for 'sort.list'
Have you called 'sort' on a list?

I thought kripp.alpha takes a data frame, which is what I thought read.table
returns. What does "atomic" mean?

Thanks for any help!


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