[R] Mediation with censored outcome

Niklaus Kuehnis kuehnik_0505 at gmx-topmail.de
Thu Jul 7 09:54:04 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Is it possible to test mediation effects with a censored outcome 
variable using the 'mediation' package?

While on p. 1f. of Imai, Keele, Tingley and Yamamoto (2011) the tobit 
model is mentioned for use with 'mediate', Table 1 (p. 8) shows that 
tobit via vglm cannot be used to estimate causal mediation effects.

Also help(mediate) does not mention 'vglm' class objects as possible 
arguments of 'mediate'.

So, is calculating mediation effects using 'mediate' with vglm-tobit 
models possible at all?

Thanks in advance,

Imai, K., Keele, L., Tingley, D., & Yamamoto, T. (2011). Causal 
mediation analysis using R.

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