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Gould, A. Lawrence larry_gould at merck.com
Mon Jan 31 20:42:28 CET 2011

Bill Pikounis provided a clever and elegant solution:  in the program barplot.default, replace the statement

     width <- rep(width, NR)

that occours around line 51 ( NR = nrow(height) )  with the statement   width <- width.  I renamed the program


and attached it to this email.  The attachment also includes a function called   mulbarX.fn  that mimics the
behavior of the original SPlus function    mulbar.  The call

mulbarX.fn(yy[,2*1:5],yy[,2*1:5-1],xlab="Baseline Category",ylab="Incidence",main="Main Title",sub="Low Volume",legendtxt=c("P","F"),ylim=c(0,0.15),
+ categlabs=c("Stratum 1","Stratum 2","Stratum 3","Stratum 4","Stratum 5"),legendinset=0.1,labcex=1.2)

produces a result that is very close to what the SPlus function produces.  This approach uses only basic R
graphics.  I imagine that it could be extended/incorporated into lattice or ggplot2 graphics.

Larry Gould

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Subject:        barplot with varaible-width bars

I would like to produce a bar plot with varying-width bars.  Here is an example to illustrate:

ww <- c(417,153,0.0216,0.0065,556,256,0.0162,0.0117,
+  726,379,0.0358,0.0501,786,502,0.0496,0.0837,
+  892,591,0.0785,0.0795)


produces a barplot of 5 pairs of bars that are of equal width


makes the bars in each pair of unequal width, but the two widths do not vary from pair to pair

I would like the width of each bar to be proportional to its corresponding value in the width statement of this last call of barplot, like what I think could be done with the mulbar function of SPlus.  Can I do this with barplot itself, or is this something for which lattice or ggplot 2 is needed?  And, if so, what would typical code look like?

Thanks for your help.

Larry Gould

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