[R] Function rearrange (quantreg)

Mauro Sayar Ferreira mferreira at cedeplar.ufmg.br
Mon Jan 31 18:55:42 CET 2011

   Dear all
   How can I obtain the data from the function "rearrange" in package quantreg
   More especifically, based on the example below (available in the help of the
   rearrange function), how can I access the data generated by
   "rearrange(zp)" ?
z <- rq(foodexp ~ income, tau = -1,data =engel)
zp <- predict(z,newdata=list(income=quantile(engel$income,.03)),type="stepfun")
plot(zp,do.points = FALSE, xlab = expression(tau),
        ylab = expression(Q ( tau )), main="Engel Food Expenditure Quantiles")
plot(rearrange(zp),do.points = FALSE, add=TRUE,col.h="red",col.v="red")


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