[R] test statistic in anova.glm when quasi family is used

Eiiti Kasuya ekasuscb at kyushu-u.org
Mon Jan 31 14:58:51 CET 2011

When quasi family (not quasipoisson or quasibinomial) is used in glm,
what is the appropriate test statistic in anova.glm?
Help of anova.glm tells “For models with known dispersion (e.g.,
binomial and Poisson fits) the chi-squared test is most appropriate, and
for those with dispersion estimated by moments (e.g., gaussian,
quasibinomial and quasipoisson fits) the F test is most appropriate”. I
assume that  F is appropriate in the case of quasi (not quasipoisson or
quasibinomial). Is this correct?

Ei Kasuya

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