[R] R, Cygwin, & Vi

beehatch beehatch at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 12:24:04 CET 2011

Hi all,

I've been a happy user of R under cygwin for a number of years now.  I
prefer the bash interface and readline history, and I find Vi to be the
most efficient editor.

Recently, the edit command has started giving me errors:

> edit(file='foo.R')
Error in edit(name, file, title, editor) : unable to run editor 'vi'

Vi works from bash shell and is in the path. 'vi' is a symbolic link to
the executable, so I tried specifying the full path using

> edit(file='foo.R')
Warning message:
In edit(name, file, title, editor) : editor ran but returned error

I've tried changing to another editor (ultraedit) and that works, but I'd
like to get Vi working again.  Any suggestions for troubleshooting would
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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