[R] Rubin's rules of multiple imputation

Hans W Borchers hwborchers at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 31 13:27:14 CET 2011

Joe P King <jp <at> joepking.com> writes:

> Hello all, if I have multiple imputed data sets, is there a command or
> function in R in any package you know of to combine those, I know one common
> MI approach is rubins rules, is there a way to do this using his rules or
> others? I know theres ways, like using Amelia from Gary King's website to
> create the imputed data sets, but how to make them into one or combine them
> for analysis.

On Gary King's page you can find the following hint:

    "To automatically combine multiply imputed data sets: in R see Zelig; ..."

and on CRAN there are the packages

    norm:   Analysis of multivariate normal datasets with missing values,
            based on  routines described in Chapter 5 of Schafer (1997a).
    amelia: Amelia II: A Program for Missing Data
            see <http://gking.harvard.edu/amelia>

--Hans Werner

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