[R] User error in calling predict/model.frame

Russell Pierce rpier001 at ucr.edu
Sat Jan 29 18:12:43 CET 2011

Just in case someone else stumbles onto this thread and is facing a
similar issue:  The quick solution for me turned out to be using Glm
and Predict in the rms package.  Thanks go to Joshua and Ista for
helping me out with this issue.  Double thanks go to Joshua for
suggesting I take a closer look at the rms package.

dat <- data.frame(xxA = rnorm(20,10), xxB = rnorm(20,20))
dat$out <- with(dat,xxA+xxB+xxA*xxB+rnorm(20,20))
rms.res <- Glm(out ~ scale(xxA)*scale(xxB),data=dat)
newdata <- as.data.frame(Predict(rms.res,xxA=c(-1,0,1),xxB=c(-1,0,1))[,1:3])

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