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On 28-Jan-11 10:24:23, Andrew Collier wrote:
> thanks for the rapid response.
> yes, in x11 your suggestion works perfectly. i have never
> thought of the asterisk as being a superscript... to me it
> has always been the "mulitply" sign which is centred.
> thanks for the education!
> however, my plot is being sent to postscript, which i guess
> does not support unicode because i get a whole flurry of
> warnings and the text on the plot is not correct.
> [snip]

Indeed, PostScript does not support Unicode, though for the
characters which it does support it would be possible to
convert Unicode into appropriate PostScript references.

However, PostScript does have a centred (non-superscript)
asterisk. This is in the "Symbol" character set, and it is
called "asteriskmath", with octal code 052 (decimal 42).

But I do now know how to instruct R to cause this to be printed!
(Though I feel sure someone else does).


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